Travels in Northern Greece

While living on the island of Corfu we had crossed over the thin strip of sea one summer to take a tour round the northern part of the mainland of Greece.

There was no real reason behind it, we were just travelling to see what we could see. Which is, of course, always the best reason to take any journey. So we travelled into these northern lands of Greece – lands that run from western coastal towns on the Ionian Sea to the Bosporus in the east. From Balkan southern borders to the top of the Thessaly plain. We went from the Corfu Straits to the Bay of the Sacred Mountain in the Aegean on a tour of remote villages, mountainous frontiers and great lakes. We talked with the Voreioelladites people, walked the gorges and passed through the busy towns on the long modern roads built on history that once linked Byzantine cities and the glories of the ancient world…



Part 1 – Epirus


Part 2 – Western Macedonia

Part 3 – Central Macedonia


Part 4 – North By NorthWest Greece