Corfu Quartet

4 stories from a new life on the island of Corfu

What is lying in store for us on this extraordinary Ionian archipelago?

Blood-sucking bugs, warring brothers, sly swindlers and shouting dogs.

But then: a village that time forgot; dying sunsets every day over the turtle-back hills; long fingers of cypress trees pointing up to cloudless deep skies above; and tumbling cliffs, eaten into by the endless swaying curtain of kingfisher-blue.

Will the real Corfu stand up please…

What do the people do in Corfu when the tourists aren’t looking?

Play music.

From the centuries old unique music university, to the philharmonic orchestras, to the taverna bouzouki players, music surrounds Corfu as much as the Ionian sea.

And music is a vital part of Greece’s Karagiozis shadow puppet theatre performances too.

Somehow, in this new life in Kekyra, I have found myself unexpectedly involved in both..

* Whichever teacher you learn with, such lessons you learn…


Paradise Forgone

To come one day…