Corfu Quartet

Corfu Quartet

So now I was really married into this Greek world.

We had left England for good – and already it had been blown out like a candle in my mind.  Me and my new wife, my travelling companion – my Giristroula as they say in Greece for a girl who likes to wander – had been touring the country looking for a good place to settle.

We landed in Corfu. The Garden of Greece. This seemed a good place to put down roots.

But what was lying in store for us on this extraordinary Ionian archipelago? What do the people of Corfu really do here throughout the whole year when the tourists aren’t looking? And can man-made Corfu and the tempestuous Corfiots ever live up to the incredible nature that surrounds them…


Part 1 – Paradise Found?

Warring brothers, sly swindlers and rabid dogs – versus –  Dying sunsets, turtle-back hills and a village that time forgot


Part 2 – Lessons in Greek

M’opoion daskalo kathiseis, tetoia grammata tha matheis – Whichever teacher you learn with, such lesson you learn


Part 3 – Karagiozis and the musical island

Greek shadow theatre with the taverna bouzouki players


Part 4 – Paradise Forgone!

Coming one day…