Having met and fallen hopelessly in love with a Greek working for the summer in a cold boarding school in a sleepy town in Hampshire, I embarked on a series of travels with her around her country. A whole new world opened up for me. When we got married on the island of Samos and moved to Greece, I was then able to dig even deeper into this Greek world – and see further into the country and its culture.

These are my stories and observations of life in Greece.


Before we left the British Isles to set up the new life in Greece, I was talked into one last long tour round Britain to see a country that my new Greek wife had been living in for five years – and where I had spent my whole life but a country which we were still unsure they really fully knew.

       This is the account of our journey on this Last Chance To See tour…


All writings: Alex Kemp. Photography: Regina Saltari