Having worked in the terribly British worlds of the House of Commons’ Library and then as a cricket journalist, Kemp finally decided it was time to see the real world.

After travelling and teaching, teaching and travelling, meeting and marrying an anarchist on a Greek island – he was asked by a friend who edited a magazine back in London to write about some of his travel experiences.

He did this.

And then, for some reason, carried on writing.


Having moved to Greece and then embarking on a series of travels round the country – digging deeper into its world – Kemp felt he had some stories to tell and some observations to make.

So his Greek writings are collected here…


But before Kemp and his Greek travelling companion had left the British Isles to set up their new life in Greece, they’d taken one last long tour round Britain to see a country they have lived in, but were unsure they really fully knew.

       The account of their journey on this Last Chance To See tour can be found here…


Kemp has also ventured round other parts of the world – helped along by his loyal Greek Passepartout – travelling down the spine of Europe; through Egypt and India; following his mother’s footsteps, 60 years later, through Italy.

These writings can also be found elsewhere on this site…


So if you’ve got a spare bit of time with nothing better to do, why not have a read?

Welcome to his world!


Photography on this site: Regina Saltari